Mary's Mosaic
Mary Pinchot Meyer & John F. Kennedy and their Vision for World Peace

Challenging the conventional wisdom surrounding the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer, this exposé offers new information and evidence that individuals within the upper echelons of the CIA were not only involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, but Meyer's demise as well. Written by the son of a CIA lifer whose mother was a college classmate of Meyer, this insider’s story examines how Mary Meyer used events and circumstances in her personal life to become an acolyte for world peace. The most famous convert to her philosophy was reportedly President John F. Kennedy, with whom she was said to have begun a serious love relationship in January 1962.

Offering an insightful look into the era and its culture, the narrative—based on the author’s research as well as having followed the story for over 30 years—sheds light on how in the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Mary Meyer helped her lover the president realize that the Cold War mentality was a "dead end street," and that the province of world peace was the only worthwhile calling. New details on her experiences with LSD and Timothy Leary, her murder trial in 1965, and her impact on Kennedy's thinking and his political evolution during the last six months of his life, including his behind the scenes negotiation with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev for a limited nuclear test ban treaty, as well as his pursuit of a secret rapprochement with Fidel Castro, are also a part of the author's purview. Using never before published evidence and interviews, the final chapters reveal the "how" and "why" Meyer’s murder (assassination) was orchestrated and then covered up.

Peter Janney is an independent film producer promoting the film project Lost Light, a Hollywood drama about Mary Pinchot Meyer and her relationship with JFK. A former psychologist and naturopathic healer, cofounder of the American Mental Health Alliance, he was one of the first graduates of the MIT Sloan School of Management's Entrepreneurship Skills Transfer Program before receiving an MBA degree from Duke University. He lives in Beverly, Massachusetts. Dick Russell is the author of the highly acclaimed The Man Who Knew Too Much (1992), possibly one of the best books ever written on the JFK assassination conspiracy, as well as the recently released On The Trail of the JFK Assassins (2008). He has also authored Black Genius: And the American Experience; Eye of the Whale; and Striper Wars: An American Fish Story. He is a former staff writer for TV Guide magazine, a staff reporter for Sports Illustrated, and has contributed numerous articles to publications ranging from Family Health to The Village Voice. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts and Los Angeles.

History, True Crime

480 pages, Cloth, 6 x 9
10 B/W Photos, 1 Diagram, 1 Map
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Pub Date: December 2009

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