Paradise Lost?

High-Speed Trains Get Waylaid, Shady Politicians Get Billions and Taxpayers Get the Shaft!

Reminiscent of a detective novel, this political exposé explores the corruption of some of the richest and most powerful political figures in California. From Mayor Willie Brown, Senator Dianne Feinstein, and a 50-billion-dollar insider-trading scandal to whistle blowers, phantom high-speed trains, and unbridled greed, this investigation details the complex history of California's public works projects that were promised and commissioned, but never built. From a Bay Bridge addition that never materialized to the San Francisco airport expansion that disappeared, this hard-hitting look at the Golden State's political shenanigans outlines the slimy details behind massive pump-and-dump schemes that have plagued progress in the state. With direct parallels to the corruption that inspired the films Chinatown and The Two Jakes, this investigation reveals how money and relationships have played into a slick political game in recent California history.

Richard Trainor is the author of Sacramento: The Heart of California: A Contemporary Portrait. He has contributed to Elle, the Los Angeles Times, The Sacramento Bee, The Saturday Review, Sight & Sound, and The Vancouver Sun. He is a former capitol bureau correspondent for California magazine and a former managing editor of France Today magazine. He lives in Healdsburg, California.
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History, Regional: West
360 pages, Cloth, 6 x 9
5 B/W Photos, 3 Maps
Distribution Rights: WOR
$24.95 (CAN $27.95)
9780979988646 (0979988640)