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Most Dangerous

A True Story

By Sherwood Kent, Foreword by Kris Millegan

A deeper understanding of the occult aspects of 9/11 and the Kennedy assassination The year is 2013, the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, and Kent Bain discovers that he and the rest of the unwitting citizenry of Tupelo, Mississippi, are enmeshed in a year-long series of scripted events meticulously planned and brilliantly executed by some of the most ruthless, diabolically creative, powerful psychopaths on the planet. From a critical look at the suspicion-arousing Boston bombings to new revelations about the Kennedy assassination and the Zapruder film, the author weaves tantalizing insights into a range of historical events that help the reader better understand the breadth and depth of the villainy with which Kent is faced.

Sherwood Kent is an investigative researcher. Due to concerns for his personal safety, the author does not make public appearances but is available for radio interviews. He lives near Tupelo, Mississippi.

288 PAGES, 6 X 9 PDF

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