The Art of The Lie - From Satan to Trump. By Rick Cusick

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The Art of The Lie

From Satan to Trump

By Rick Cusick

Lies have always been told and retold, but over the last several years, owing to the proliferation of fake news, the advent of a sharp-elbowed social media, and the improbable arrival of 45th U.S. President, the art of the lie is enjoying a renaissance at the expense of the truth. Despite erudite studies on lying and paranoid self-help tomes that teach you to recognize the smallest fib, twit-weary pundits lament the loss of a more civilized discourse (as if that ever existed)—shocked that these low words should resonate in such a high place.

But here's a truth: You're never going to understand The Art of the Deal until you understand The Art of The Lie. Written by a former teenage con-man turned activist businessman, this book follows the unlikely election of Donald Trump and the author's own singular con-man confessions, unpacking the many types of lies and showing how they've been applied throughout history—from the Garden of Eden to Wonder Woman to the wacky gang at the CIA. The Art of The Lie also recalls the breathtaking stories of the great (and ingrate) liars who somehow managed to change the world (sometimes even for the better) and finally reveals the surprising blunt mechanics of managing untruth.

The Art of the Lie maps out the full landscape of liars and lies, using it to better understand Trump's rise to power on his savage, savant-like skill of speak bald-faced lies without consequence.

Rick Cusick is a freelance journalist who has published almost 300 articles, columns, and reviews over 50 years. He is the currently the Associate Publisher Emeritus and former co-editor of High Times magazine and He has appeared on The Daily Show, Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning New York, The Bill O'Reilly Radio Show, MANswers, Nat Geo's Drugs Inc. and more.

288 PAGES, 6 X 9
TRADE PAPER, $24.95 (US $24.95) (CA $33.95)
ISBN 9781634241519