The Two Edwards - How King Edward VII and Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey Fomented the First World War. By Peter Hof

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The Two Edwards

How King Edward VII and Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey Fomented the First World War

By Peter Hof

The Two Edwards is unique in that it concentrates on the leading role played by King Edward VII and Foreign Secretary Edward Grey, which is mentioned peripherally—if at all—by others. King Edward is acknowledged as the author of the Triple Entente, but his motive for doing so is rarely mentioned.
Historians complain with considerable truth that the pre-War British imperialists acted in secret and took pains to conceal their designs from the public and are therefore obliged to rely excessively on inference, deduction and, sometimes, outright speculation and conjecture. By contrast the actions of the King and his Foreign Secretary left a trail of records and documents which are part and parcel of the historical record and are hardly obscured by the destruction of personal letters and papers which was ordered by Edward VII and Edward Grey. In short, the two Edwards left a permanent documentary trail which reveals the motives and intent of the powerful imperialists who secretly incited the British and German empires to confrontation and whose political New-World-Order descendants remain active to this day.

Peter Hof played the slide trombone professionally with many well-known musicians including Stan Kenton, Harry James, Ray Charles, The Temptations and Billy Preston. Fed up with music business, he joined the Los Angeles County Computer Center and worked there as a computer programmer for 33 years. In the 1970s he conducted a series of lectures at the Great War Society in San Francisco) and wrote articles for their official publication, Relevance. He is the author of Our Century, and lives in the Los Angeles area.


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