The Templar Treasure
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The Templar Treasure

An Investigation

By Tobias Daniel Wabbel

A fact-based treasure hunt for the Ark of the Covenant

Following author Tobias Wabbel’s research and investigation throughout Europe, this book solves the mystery of the treasure of the Knights Templar. The most up-to-date archeological and historical information is discussed, from the history of the Knights Templar and the history of the Israelites and the Ark of the Covenant, to medieval literature and Gothic cathedral architecture. Disproving common theories—the Knights Templar never guarded the pilgrimage ways in Palestine, there is no Priory of Sion, there is no bloodline from Jesus to the present day, and there is no authentic Shroud of Turin—the book also proves the existence of the sacred Ark of the Covenant, also known as the treasure of the Knights Templar, which is still hidden in France. Wabbel researched iconography in the architecture of cathedrals and chapels, and found more evidence in texts and inscriptions that led to his theory on the location of the Templar treasure. Both a travel guide to the secrets of the treasure of the Knights Templar and a fascinating read, this book will shake commonly held beliefs on this interconnected history and renew the interest in it.

Tobias Daniel Wabbel has published six nonfiction books in his native German on subjects that range from the search for radio signals of extraterrestrial intelligences and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) to the science-theology debate and a new theology after the Holocaust.

250 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5
Formats: Trade Paper
Trade Paper, $19.95 (US $19.95) (CA $21.95)
Publication Date: July 2013
ISBN 9781937584344
Rights: WOR
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