Front cover of Dr. Mary's Monkey

Fighting for G.O.D.
(Gold, Oil and Drugs)
Jeremy Begin (Author), Lauren Salk (Illustrations by)

A comic-book primer to the frightening world in which police state control and war without end are becoming the expected norm

This analysis delves into aspects of the larger framework into which 9/11 fits and scrutinizes the ancestry of the players who transcend commonly accepted liberal/conservative political ideologies. Building on the research of such notables as theologian David Ray Griffin, Michael Rupport, and Anthony Sutton—all of whom have questioned the government’s account of 9/11—this comic-book format analysis examines the Neo Con agenda and its relationship to "The New World Order." From the privatized fund-raising system to which politicians are beholden to evidence contradicting the conventional wisdom that the 19 hijackers took our nation by surprise and the widespread suppression of human rights, this book discusses key issues confronting America’s citizenry and steps the populace can take to not only halt but reverse the march towards totalitarianism.

Jeremy Begin is a long-time activist/organizer who has a degree in writing from Hampshire College. He currently resides in California's Bay Area. Lauren Salk is an illustrator with a degree in painting from the Massachusetts College of Art. She lives in Boston.

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Category: History, Politics
Pages: 64
Book Type: Paper
Size: 8 1/2 x 11
ISBN: 0977795330