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Hide Your Love Away

Hide Your Love Away


An Intimate Story of Brian Epstein as told by Larry Stanton

New Second Edition -- January 2022

'Hide Your Love Away' is a memoir about true events that reveal for the first time many tightly kept secrets held close to the heart of one man for fifty-six years…until now. This is the story about a clandestine multi-year gay relationship and loving supportive intimate conversations between an attractive young American man named Larry Stanton and the British born manager of the Beatles, Brian Epstein. While Brian was basking in the attainment of fame with the Beatles and traveling worldwide, he also was struggling with a concealed darker side of life. The artists he managed had no knowledge of the demons Brian hid within, but due to a chance meeting, Larry became a mutual confidant. It takes place during the sixties music revolution with Brian in the forefront of historical changes and both in the midst of Hollywood and British luminaries. Notorious London gangsters and music moguls who played in the demise of the internationally recognized manager are disclosed. 'Hide Your Love Away' narrates the details of Brian and Larry's four-year close and personal relationship, intimate and humor filled dinners, transatlantic calls, and the introduction of a young manipulative man. That mysterious and devious person became the toxic lover who played a part in Brian's heavy emotional troubles and drug use, and may be responsible for his early death. 'Hide Your Love Away' shares their quest for true love and supportive companionship when the laws in England and the U.S. kept gay men and women locked in the closet. Those oppressive and frightening laws resulted in enormous suffering that strangled the basic need of a loving relationship that was everyone's right. Why should they have to hide their love away or be cast as deplorable individuals? Both suffered greatly, each man dealing with it in his own individual way. The relationship between them could have been what each had dreamt of, but complications got in the way. Chapters of 'Hide Your Love Away' reveal extortion attem

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