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  • Beyond Revanche: The Death of La Belle Epoque

    Beyond Revanche: The Death of La Belle Epoque

    Nations go to war in a blare of trumpets and glory for high designs like Defence of the smaller nation, Democracy and Justice. Behind this rhetoric is the pain and anguish of slaughter, misery, starvation and death so that rich men grow richer. Beyond Revanche exposes the grotesque injustice of a world war within which small group of French policemen in the Deuxieme Bureau have to come to terms with the reality of destruction. Stretched to the limit they seek answers to the conundrum of who is actually controlling the war in France and beyond. The conspiracy they unearth threatens their very survival and that of France itself. Politics and injustice, sacrifice and conspiracy, violence and murder stalk the grand boulevards of Paris while the apparent ravings of a madman sheds a completely different light on events in the city and the politics of division. This fast-paced story will enthral both readers who have no knowledge of the exposure of the French capital to capitulation in the first weeks of the war and those who have some awareness of these shocking times. The sheer complicity of rich and powerful men who willed the evil to their own advantage beggars belief. The main thread of events are witnessed by a young detective struggling to find acceptance and an assassin who is groomed to commit the final ‘necessary’ crime before war was declared in 1914. The following four years become an eye-opener to a truth which has been long buried.   Pre-order. Release date -- April 7, 2022


  • Will Chase, “The Sioux Lands” (Will Chase Western)

    Will Chase, “The Sioux Lands” (Will Chase Western)

    With the approval of the Elders that have told this story to the author, now this legend be told in print to the people of the world. This story is based on emotion, the personal identity of Chasing Hawk/ Will Chase, and the personal philosophy that Will embraces as a man who lives in two worlds, as Will Chase/Chasing Hawk lives in both worlds with the highest of personal integrity and honor.


  • Colonel Crystal's Parallel Universe

    Colonel Crystal's Parallel Universe

    A fictional probe of the American military Colonel Alva A. Crystal, U.S.A.F. (ret.), argues that ubiquitous overseas intervention by the U.S. military in the past few decades not only stifles American economic competitiveness and viability, but has done far more harm than good to both America's image and global stability. The result is that the United States is viewed worldwide as the most dangerous country and the leading obstacle to world peace. The troubled Col. Alva Crystal desperately heralds a return to the defense-only military mission that prevailed in the U. S. during its formative years. Such a return to what Colonel Crystal refers to and touts as a "Benevolent Military" would, he claims, effectively serve to address and repair much of what plainly has gone haywire with this country since 9/11. FICTION288 PAGES, 5.5 X 8.5FORMATS: TRADE PAPER, EPUB, MOBIPOCKETTRADE PAPER, $12.95 (US $12.95) (CA $16.95)PUBLICATION DATE: MAY 2019ISBN 9781634241687RIGHTS: WOR TRINE DAY (MAY 2019)TRINEDAY FICTION


  • Never Summer

    Never Summer

    by Mark Gaffney Although a work of fiction, Never Summer is based on real events. The novel breathes life into one of the most colorful episodes in Colorado history, the epic battle over Bowen Gulch. In this action-packed tale, a handful of gutsy activists take on the state's powerful logging industry to save one of the last great places. The young hero, Tom Lacey, just out of college, finds himself torn between the work he has grown to love and a dawning awareness of issues bigger than himself. The delicate intersection of real history and the imagination makes for a powerful coming-of-age story, embellished with an exquisite love affair and some hilarious hi-jinks. The events are set in the late 1980s, before cell phones and the consolidation of the US media, giving the story a nostalgic appeal. The novel spares no effort to accurately portray the state's ecology and the logging culture of the day, down to the smallest details, against a breathtaking natural backdrop. FICTION300 PAGES, 5.5 X 8.5FORMATS: TRADE PAPERTRADE PAPER, $9.95 (US $9.95) (CA $12.95)PUBLICATION DATE: APRIL 2017ISBN 9781634241298RIGHTS: WORTRINE DAY (APR 2017)TRINEDAY FICTION  


  • The Bridge of the Gods  A Romance of Indian Oregon

    The Bridge of the Gods A Romance of Indian Oregon

    An amalgamation of fact and legend that creates a portrait of rural Native American life in the 19th century First published in 1890, The Bridge of the Gods is a tale of the American Indians of the Northwest. Frederic Homer Balch describes missionaries attempting to convert Native Americans to Christianity, warring tribes who try to form an alliance to drive out the white settlers, and Native American legends of how the land—its mountains and rivers—came to be. Throughout his brief life, Balch observed and interviewed the American Indians in his native Oregon. More than a compilation of stories, Balch's classic work is a portrait of the Northwest tribes: their food, dress, shelters, canoes, gambling games, religious beliefs, and the sports and pastimes of their children. FICTION280 PAGES, 5.5 X 8.5FORMATS: TRADE PAPER, EPUB, MOBIPOCKETTRADE PAPER, $9.95 (US $9.95) (CA $11.95)PUBLICATION DATE: MARCH 2016ISBN 9781634240215RIGHTS: WOR    


  • The Octopus Deception

    The Octopus Deception

    Diving into the far-reaching tentacles of the global financial industryIn this timely political thriller, CIA special agent Curtis Fitzgerald, scholar Simone Casoloro, and historian Michael Asbury, must race against the clock to find trillions of dollars worth of stolen funds to prevent global economic collapse. Since the end of the Second World War, an elite organization called The Octopus has controlled the funds hidden away in six bank accounts. As the crux of the global economy, the loss of the money threatens to send the world into pure chaos unless it’s retrieved. Fitzgerald, Casoloro, and Asbury find themselves down the rabbit hole of government conspiracies and secret societies in the hunt for the missing riches. Love, betrayal, murder, and deceit play prominently in this novel following in the wake of the ongoing financial crisis. FICTION300 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5Formats: Trade PaperTrade Paper, $14.95 (US $14.95) (CA $16.95)Publication Date: April 2013ISBN 9781937584238Rights: US & CA


  • The Sharter: A Millennial Journey Out of Hip-hop Hypnosis

    The Sharter: A Millennial Journey Out of Hip-hop Hypnosis

    Hip-hop music, and more so gangster rap, is the greatest psychological operation ever and The Sharter is the necessary antidote to this mind-virus. My weapon of choice is comedy while also acknowledging the multi-generational tragedy that is currently taking place. A journey into the jaws of hell is necessary in order to ascend with clearer sight. That's what The Sharter is about, a rhetorical tool for the generation of millennial guys seeking to move on from the genre we grew up, once they see the tragedy hidden in the humor and completely snap out of my hip-hop hypnosis. It' s a comedy crime classic tragedy with some of the most ridiculous characters you will ever encounter. The Sharter takes place in a parallel world not too much different from your own. Many places, names and brands are the same while others are different yet similar. Most of the characters are inspired by real people. The Sharter exposes the shitty truth in a unique way.

  • Moscow Traffic: An International thriller

    Moscow Traffic: An International thriller

    Russian History told as a romance wrapped in a crime thriller.Moscow Traffic is an international thriller that exposes the roots of a vast Russian human trafficking network through the eyes of Seattle forensic psychologist Peter Stone as he travels to Moscow in search of his missing lover, opera star Caroline Luke. Her empty coffin and passport have arrived at SeaTac airport with Russian documents declaring her dead. Without a body, neither American or Russian police will investigate further, which forces his decision to leave his comfortable life in Seattle and plunge head-first into the perverse world of international organized crime and human trafficking. On his hero's journey, Peter crosses paths with victims, perpetrators, buyers, sellers, saints, ghosts and thieves as the borders of morality and reality blur in a society tormented by its past and fearful of the future. Peter finds himself spinning out of control as he confronts the mystery of his own family's twisted past and its role in the crime that has caused so much pain to Caroline. In a world where nothing is what it seems and only the most adaptable survive, Peter and Caroline must undergo the unearthing of long-hidden secrets that threatens their future. Can either find the strength to confront the past and take a stand against injustice?   December 2023


  • Will Chase, "The Black Hills" (Will Chase Western)

    Will Chase, "The Black Hills" (Will Chase Western)

    This book is very specific about the legend of Will Chase/Chasing Hawk. The legend of Will Chase/Chasing Hawk has been told only within the Lakota’s of the Sioux Nation. But now with the approval of the Elders that have told this story to the author, and only now can this legend be told in print to the people of the world. This story is based on emotion, the personal identity of Chasing Hawk/ Will Chase, and the personal philosophy that Will embraces as a man who lives in two worlds as Will Chase/Chasing Hawk, and lives in both worlds with the highest of personal integrity and honor.



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