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  • Royal Vengeance

    Royal Vengeance

    Was Princess Diana murdered? Yes, she was. That part is easily seen—even the means are known. She was gravely injured in a deliberate car wreck that immediately killed two other people, and she was then allowed to slowly bleed to death from internal injuries. But why? And to what end? She stirs up our passions even today—but she will never die. Not really. She has joined the Pantheon. Diana began life as we all do—but then, she revealed herself in her goddess form, and the world responded. And we still respond, even though she has returned to the place where there is no time, and even though we no longer see her moving amongst us. She was a bridge figure, both human and divine. We have met such figures before, through all the ages—gods and goddesses, saints and saviors—and their fate has always been the same. They have always been killed. But by whom? And to what purpose? Royal Vengeance answers all these questions and more.   This is a pre-Order. Book projected be ???? ...  


  • My Cosmic Trigger: High Strangeness in Theory and Practice

    My Cosmic Trigger: High Strangeness in Theory and Practice

    My Cosmic Trigger (Vol. 1): High Strangeness in Theory in Practice  This is the first volume in the My Cosmic Trigger book series, which commenced a quarter of a century ago when My Cosmic Trigger Finger is Broken was self-published online. Matt Vaughn’s original manuscript was, roughly speaking, Robert Anton Wilson fan non-fiction as the author had encountered comparable paranormal phenomena as Wilson, which were explored in his Cosmic Trigger Trilogy. Both authors experienced potential contact with ultra-terrestrials, cryptids, and/or archetypes from the collective unconscious, a multitude of mind numbing synchronicities, and consciousness expansion through mystical and shamanistic practices. This plethora of extraordinary incidents opened them up (as it would anyone) to cosmic intricacies of nature and the fluidity of reality. High strangeness is a subset of the paranormal domain, involving the intersection of multiple paranormal phenomena; such as Bigfoot and UFO sightings occurring in the same geographic location. This highly strange coalescence demonstrates reality is more bizarre than we can imagine and the tapestry of paranormal weirdness makes a simple UFO sighting tame by comparison. Within the pages of this volume Vaughn endeavors to unravel the theories and practices underlying high strangeness in general, while weaving a captivating narrative around his own firsthand experiences with the phenomena.  This book serves as an excellent entry point for individuals venturing into the realm of high strangeness for the first time, providing a comprehensive introduction, including: a historical background on the subject; discussion of the best researchers in the field, past and present; and a survey of the theories as to why these phenomena occur. Moreover, it is an indispensable addition to the collection of any seasoned researcher, as it offers not only a historical overview of the phenomenon but also insightful analysis into the cosmic mechanisms underlying high strangeness and presents how the phenomena manifested in the author’s life, providing a substantial path into learning about these phenomena in a deeper way. This book stands out by presenting a fresh perspective and new approach to the exploration of high strangeness, while beginning to elucidate a magick of high strangeness. Both endeavors aim to ensure that one's encounter with the phenomena has a positive impact on their life, rather than merely contributing to further instability and confusion. The focus of the My Cosmic Trigger project is on providing guidance and insights that enable individuals to navigate their experiences with a sense of empowerment and clarity, fostering a constructive and transformative relationship with the phenomena rather than being overwhelmed by it. This volume in particular (and the overall series in general) is intended to be a guidebook for people going through high strangeness initiations of the type shown in Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger and in the documentary series Hellier. If you are going down the rabbit hole for the first time or the twenty third, My Cosmic Trigger is here for you.  My Cosmic Trigger transcends a mere book series; it is a multifaceted multimedia project. Accompanying this endeavor is The Matt Vaughn Show podcast, where each chapter will be thoroughly examined and expanded upon. Recognizing the potential that each chapter could be a book in and of itself, this audio guide serves as a valuable resource, delving into the intricacies of each chapter in greater depth and detail. Readers and listeners will also have the opportunity to interact with the material in a more meaningful way, through mycosmictrigger.com. For example, Vaughn encourages readers to send in their own stories of high strangeness to crowdsource the unraveling of this cosmic mystery. More broadly he encourages participation in the My Cosmic Trigger hypersigil because it is through the transformative act of experiencing the hypersigil that we each pull our own individual cosmic triggers. For those looking to ‘find the others’, experience a community of like minded individuals, and more fully delve into the magick of high strangeness, Vaughn offers his group: the Çhaplains Öf Peril. About the Author Vaughn has been a practicing psychotherapist for the past 15 years, working with clients from over 30 countries in his private practice and he has also worked in notable mental health and addiction treatment centers in the U.S.A. He received his MA in psychology from the University of West Georgia which was started on orders of Abraham Maslow (a founding father of Humanistic Psychology). The psychology program at UWG is one of the only humanistic and transpersonal oriented departments in the world. It has featured such luminary professors as Raymond Moody (who coined the term Near Death Experience in Life After Life), William Roll (world renowned parapsychologist), Mike Aarons (Maslow’s student and a co-founder of the humanistic psychology movement), Tobin Hart (The Secret Spiritual World of Children and Simon and Schuster’s The Four Virtues) and Larry Schor (2004 Georgia counselor of the year and mentee of the Canadian Timothy Leary, Duncan Blewett, author of The Frontiers of Being). Thinkers closely affiliated with the program are represented in the special collections of the college’s library, which include the personal papers of: Sidney Jourard (leading force in humanistic psychology movement, The Transparent Self), Stanley Krippner (a founding father of Transpersonal Psychology and pioneering dream researcher), and Ingo Swann (psychic, artist, co-creator of remote viewing, Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy).  Vaughn has been a practitioner of mystical and shamanistic spiritual approaches for 25 years; from around 1999 to 2002 he personally studied with Allen Greenfield (author of Secret Cypher of the UFOnauts and featured in the Hellier documentary series). He has been researching the paranormal for 35 years; Vaughn’s elementary school librarian tried to intervene with his parents when she discovered he was researching the Satanic Panic of the 1980s. He has been practicing Stand-Up comedy since 2011, performing extensively in Atlanta and Istanbul; sharing the stage with Margaret Cho (Grammy and Emmy Award nominated stand-up comedian and actress) and performing with notable comedians- Ari Shaffir (Double Negative, Netflix) and Joe Zimmerman (Smiling at Wolves which reached number two on the iTunes comedy charts) on his podcast. Vaughn has been podcasting since 2006 and in 2010 he started producing The BOB Show which is still active. He co-hosts the show with Magus of the Para-modern age, Bob Dobbs (Phatic Communion with Bob Dobbs). Dobbs was archivist of Marshall McLuhan (father of media studies) and Donald Theall (McLuhan’s first Phd student, author of The Virtual McLuhan) crowned Dobbs the “new McLuhan” shortly before his death in 2008. He is now focusing on his podcast, The Matt Vaughn Show which has featured interviews with culturally significant individuals such as David Thibodeau (survivor of the Waco siege).   Vaughn is a multi-dimensional artist: a poet (2 self published collections of poems, runner up in the 2020 Istanbul Poetry Slam), screenwriter, painter, and member of the Costa Rican avant garde rock band, Parapunk. He is also avid outdoorsman working to create sacred space on his land in Western North Carolina and Turkey. To learn more go to- mattvaughn.onuniverse.com. 


  • Wayang:	The Shadow Play

    Wayang: The Shadow Play

    Wayang: The Shadow Play is a book about an unintentional discovery of MKUltra and SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) programming running in the author's family. The book begins with an outline of her childhood, because much of the research involved remembering the strange and unexplainable things that happened in her life. The investigative journey begins after she has lost it all, this was when she chose to learn why her life was seemingly jinxed instead of giving up on life entirely. At the time she had no idea what an amazing journey was about to unfold. She threw up allover the bed. She was thrown into a mental institution and drugged against her Will. She was abducted! She didn't think she would survive and prepared for her demise. And just as she was knocking at Death's Door, found her long lost ancestors who were the only ones able to help her. Learning about her ancestors was only one of the pieces needed to piece the puzzle of Anna's life together. The book continues with heavily quoted references and research into Psychopathy, Mental Illness, Satanism and Christianity and includes a condensed narrarive of her father's book Tjideng Reunion, a memoir of his experience in the WW2 Java concentration camp for women and children. The book ends with a cross examination of the research with the author's ancestral tree, and includes hand drawn renderings of related family crests, which raises fresh and interesting questions about the images these crests have been endowed with, in light of the research. I recommend this book to anyone that is interested in trauma survival, social engineering, mental illness, MKUltra, WW2 or those who are researching these things and have genuine concern for the disturbing events unfolding around us today.


  • Seven Commandments of the-Sacred Buffalo Calf Woman

    Seven Commandments of the-Sacred Buffalo Calf Woman

    These teachings were given to Martin through the ancient White Buffalo Calf Woman Pipe as he stepped into his patrilineal and matrilineal heritage as a spiritual leader and holy man in the 1970's. For 25 years, he traveled sharing them with his own people as they began to restore their cultural identity and ceremonies. However, he was also instructed by the Spirit World to share his teachings with everyone - all the colors of mankind with whom he met duringhis travels- he worked to strengthen race reconciliation and to bring healing between Indian and non-Indian people, which continues to this day between the Lakota people and all the spiritual peoples of the world.   This book is everything one ever wanted to know about The Teton Lakota's North American Indigenous people as they were pre-contact from European colonization. We are also offered a glimpse of the spiritual power and highly evolved civilizations they had, that emerged here in America- via oral histories from Lakota Intercessors- just like thosefrom antiquity- such as Moses; the Prophets of the Middle-East; Fu Xi of the I Ching in China; the Toltec Goddess Cihuatyl- also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico- and especially the Tibetans, among many others; from the Four Directions of the World. The 7 Commandments of The Sacred Buffalo Calf Woman therefore necessitates a multi-generational biography of Holy Man Martin Highbear- whose direct lineage goes back in written word to 1834- and encompasses Ancestral teachings handed down from generation to generation, along with supra.natural abilities to heal people and to see intothe future, in order to navigate what is to come. It was prophesized by White Buffalo Calf Woman that when the post­ contact and colonized Indigenous people finally returned to their sacred ceremonies, that She would return; much like what is prophesized in the Christian tradition. However, the Lakota were to practice their visions as a way of life- yet honor all the visions of the othercultures- in order for all of the people of the 4 directions of the world to come together in the Medicine Wheel as the 4 colors of humanity, empowering them to help save the world together.  




  • Gangster Planet: 	Where "Being Connected" Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

    Gangster Planet: Where "Being Connected" Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

    Gangster Planet, which is thoroughly researched and documented, yet written in a style that entertains while it informs. Much of the book provides historical analysis about how—as technology is constantly changing—crime not only persists unabated, but criminals upgrade their modernized techniques of doing business as well.It also shows how criminals involved in drug trafficking work hand-in-hand with more “professional” white-collar criminals who assist in laundering the proceeds of crime through public corporations throughout the world.An alternative subtitle could have been “The Transition of Organized Crime into Transnational Organized Crime”.


  • Conversations with David S. Lifton: 	Best Evidence to Final Charade

    Conversations with David S. Lifton: Best Evidence to Final Charade

    Mr. Lifton and I initially started talking per phone once a month or so around mid-2018, this due to the David Lifton Project, a video interview my students created back in February 2018 - the point being to share his all important research with the next generation of Americans, the youth of our nation; students sharing the importance of Mr. Lifton's work with other students. Though much of the student film covers the thesis of Best Evidence, midway into the film, Mr. Lifton discusses the seeds of Final Charade - which sprouted in March of 1980. Over the next few months, the frequency of our phone conversations grew to about once a week at its height. The origins of Conversations with David S. Lifton: 'Best Evidence' to 'Final Charade' stem from the fact that Mr. Lifton was aging, and I feared his some forty years (1980-2020) of post-Best Evidence research could be lost if he passed suddenly without anyone knowing how to access his research in his trusty but cryptic Apple MacBook Air. If so, Final Charade might never see the light of day. When discussing this with a fellow researcher, he told me emphatically, "Jim, you have to discuss this with him." As of this writing, I can only hope that the Estate of Mr. Lifton has access to his research in order to compose it and publish it. Frankly, this conversational and superficial approach will hardly make a dent in the width and depth of this man's forty some year quest to publish Final Charade. If published, Final Charade will be the final word on this topic. Mark my words. At this point, however, this work is better than nothing.


  • Houses of the Holy: A Nightmare Web of Hate, Crime, Corruption and Child Abuse

    Houses of the Holy: A Nightmare Web of Hate, Crime, Corruption and Child Abuse

    This is an unprecedented story of one man’s survival in his struggle against the power of the Federal Government, State Government, the extreme right, the religious right, the mob, and the cult of Freemasonry. It is extremely well documented and focuses on unholy alliances and the strangle hold religion and money have on politics and law enforcement. It exposes a legacy of hate and corruption in the religious right and Freemasonry. The colorful cast of often cartoonish characters is compelling and will shock and entertain the reader. It includes a federal convict engaged in a life of crime while local state and federal authorities run around in circles cleaning up after him, George W. Bush’s former attorney, the son of a mobster who was a known associate of Santo Trafficante Jr., the son of the racist doctor who chose the first astronauts, former Governor Rick Scott, the US Acting Assistant Attorney General and future Acting Attorney General, and parade of religious leaders willing to commit crimes to protect a monster, and many others.




    The book represents an exciting visual investigation using rare and never-before-published documents and photos. There has never been a book on the Chicago plot shortly before the Kennedy assassination, as well as an in-depth look at prior plots and threats. A much better understanding of the assassination and the realization that this was not just a random act but the byproduct of a moving crime of prior plots, threats, and persons of interest. One could never believe the official story of the crime of the century, the Kennedy assassination, ever again.


  • Fraud of Turin

    Fraud of Turin

    What more is there to add about the Shroud of Turin? The linen cloth with the faint image of the crucified Jesus in the position of burial is perhaps more popular today than at any other time. But the Shroud unlocks for us another world, a forgotten world.THE FRAUD OF TURIN, written by Catholic writer James Day, objectively reviews the evidence for a medievalcreation, but it is written for religious believers, art lovers, and history buffs showing just how all consuming the Passion of Jesus Christ was to the medieval mind.What emerges is an epic journey with crusaders to Jerusalem's Holy Sepulcher, into Arthurian lore and the search for the Holy Grail, and across the Black Sea into mysterious Constantinople. James Day boldly sets out to find the truth of the world's most famous religious artifact.


  • Remember Me: How Letters From My Civil War Uncle Helped Me Confront My Childhood CIA attacker

    Remember Me: How Letters From My Civil War Uncle Helped Me Confront My Childhood CIA attacker

    This provides a firsthand account of how the United States’ top-secret programs can negatively impact a family and what it was like to fight on the frontline of the Civil War, while also helping those from all walks of life who endured childhood trauma, and survive.


  • Wink Wink Nudge Nudge: Sexual Exploits and Secrets from Inside a Sugar Daddy Website

    Wink Wink Nudge Nudge: Sexual Exploits and Secrets from Inside a Sugar Daddy Website

    Brook Urick worked behind the scenes at notorious sugar daddy website SeekingArrangement for five years while trying her own luck as a sugar baby. Part coming of age memoir and part exposé with a twist of grim dating advice, Brook’s story parallels her unusual relationship history with her ascension working for a pseudo dating website designed to protect predatory men. Through anecdotal evidence and insider information, she paints the picture of an evil machine that serves as an agency for sex trafficking and exploitation.While working under a controversial  CEO, at Seeking (formerly SeekingArrangement or SA), she perpetuated lies to the media while product developers designed a website that absolved perpetrators through anonymity. The rise in social media facades of unattainable luxury and wealth disparity pushed the Disney generation to sign up as sugar babies in droves. Many were victimized. Most victims don’t come forward due to the shame and stigma surrounding sex work. Anonymous abusers are free to return to Seeking and bait their next mark.Brook’s account details how a laissez-faire attitude around sex in her early years led to manipulation, coercion and statutory rape. Her story examines the progression of the internet and its domination over our lives through an untold lens. She points a spotlight on shady websites where pedophiles hide in plain sight, revealing the sordid truth about Seeking through disturbing revelations during her tenure.Many underage sex trafficking reports from law enforcement and women’s centers cite a sugar daddy website as the root cause of abuse. Seeking and websites like it operate in a legal gray area due to vague and outdated laws governing the internet, known as Section 230. So why isn’t Seeking being investigated?



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