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  • My Cosmic Trigger: High Strangeness in Theory and Practice

    My Cosmic Trigger: High Strangeness in Theory and Practice

    First published in 1977, Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger explored the plurality and mutability of reality through a discussion on Wilson’s personal experiences with high strangeness phenomena, including communication with extraterrestrials, occult practices and paranormal experiences.My Cosmic Trigger borrows from Wilson’s title. Having researched high strangeness and personally experienced similar phenomena to Wilson, this book is Cosmic Trigger for a new generation. It discusses high strangeness phenomena in general and the author’s experiences in particular.High strangeness is a subset of the overall paranormal field and is, in simple terms, when two or more paranormal phenomena intersect, such as bigfoot and UFO sightings being reported in the same location. My Cosmic Trigger seeks to explain the theory and practice behind high strangeness.This book is a fantastic starting point for someone who is just getting into high strangeness and it also serves as a necessary addition to the library of any seasoned high strangeness researcher, offering an overview of the history of the subject as well as analysis of where, why and how high strangeness might occur.This book might serve as a guide to one’s first journey down the high strangeness rabbit hole, and includes: a historical background on the subject; discussion of the best researchers in the field, past and present; a survey of the theories as to why these phenomena occur; a substantial path into learning about these phenomena and how they may manifest in one’s life.For people more experienced on the subject, My Cosmic Trigger is unique in that it offers a new approach to the study of high strangeness and a magic of high strangeness, which is designed to make the study of this subject impact one’s life in a positive way.More than just a book, My Cosmic Trigger is a multimedia project. An adjunct podcast, discussing the chapters in more detail, will accompany the book. Readers and listeners will have the opportunity to interact with the material in a meaningful way online through providing theories behind high strangeness, this is intended to be a guidebook for people going through Cosmic Trigger type initiations. This book offers a way around the path of insanity so common in this domain of research. The author is in a unique position to guide the reader in this regard, being that the author has been a practicing psychotherapist for the past 15 years.For Robert Anton Wilso (RAW), there are only two ways to resolve one’s descent into the high strangeness of chapel perilous: coming out the other side agnostic or insanely paranoid. No offense to RAW, laughing merrily from beyond the grave, but both options appear less than ideal. This book offers a third approach: spiritual ascension.


  • The 	Optimist

    The Optimist

    By reading this book, you will embark upon a historic journey of change.Each day when you awake, you face two choices: positive, uplifting thoughts, or negative, destructive thoughts. The choice is yours. It is within your power to select successful or failed thoughts. You can take control of your destiny one moment, one hour, and one day at a time.This book condenses volumes of self-help information into a subtle, powerful message that can renew your sense of purpose and enhance your pursuit of a positive, happy life. Happiness can be forged by a willed desire to learn and improve. If you are receptive to positive thinking, and reflect upon its optimistic message, this book will transform your life. Now…relax… and enjoy this life-transforming story.


  • Wayang:	The Shadow Play

    Wayang: The Shadow Play

    Wayang: The Shadow Play is a book about an unintentional discovery of MKUltra and SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) programming running in the author's family. The book begins with an outline of her childhood, because much of the research involved remembering the strange and unexplainable things that happened in her life. The investigative journey begins after she has lost it all, this was when she chose to learn why her life was seemingly jinxed instead of giving up on life entirely. At the time she had no idea what an amazing journey was about to unfold. She threw up allover the bed. She was thrown into a mental institution and drugged against her Will. She was abducted! She didn't think she would survive and prepared for her demise. And just as she was knocking at Death's Door, found her long lost ancestors who were the only ones able to help her. Learning about her ancestors was only one of the pieces needed to piece the puzzle of Anna's life together. The book continues with heavily quoted references and research into Psychopathy, Mental Illness, Satanism and Christianity and includes a condensed narrarive of her father's book Tjideng Reunion, a memoir of his experience in the WW2 Java concentration camp for women and children. The book ends with a cross examination of the research with the author's ancestral tree, and includes hand drawn renderings of related family crests, which raises fresh and interesting questions about the images these crests have been endowed with, in light of the research. I recommend this book to anyone that is interested in trauma survival, social engineering, mental illness, MKUltra, WW2 or those who are researching these things and have genuine concern for the disturbing events unfolding around us today.



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