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  • Seven Commandments of the-Sacred Buffalo Calf Woman

    Seven Commandments of the-Sacred Buffalo Calf Woman

    These teachings were given to Martin through the ancient White Buffalo Calf Woman Pipe as he stepped into his patrilineal and matrilineal heritage as a spiritual leader and holy man in the 1970's. For 25 years, he traveled sharing them with his own people as they began to restore their cultural identity and ceremonies. However, he was also instructed by the Spirit World to share his teachings with everyone - all the colors of mankind with whom he met duringhis travels- he worked to strengthen race reconciliation and to bring healing between Indian and non-Indian people, which continues to this day between the Lakota people and all the spiritual peoples of the world.   This book is everything one ever wanted to know about The Teton Lakota's North American Indigenous people as they were pre-contact from European colonization. We are also offered a glimpse of the spiritual power and highly evolved civilizations they had, that emerged here in America- via oral histories from Lakota Intercessors- just like thosefrom antiquity- such as Moses; the Prophets of the Middle-East; Fu Xi of the I Ching in China; the Toltec Goddess Cihuatyl- also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico- and especially the Tibetans, among many others; from the Four Directions of the World. The 7 Commandments of The Sacred Buffalo Calf Woman therefore necessitates a multi-generational biography of Holy Man Martin Highbear- whose direct lineage goes back in written word to 1834- and encompasses Ancestral teachings handed down from generation to generation, along with supra.natural abilities to heal people and to see intothe future, in order to navigate what is to come. It was prophesized by White Buffalo Calf Woman that when the post­ contact and colonized Indigenous people finally returned to their sacred ceremonies, that She would return; much like what is prophesized in the Christian tradition. However, the Lakota were to practice their visions as a way of life- yet honor all the visions of the othercultures- in order for all of the people of the 4 directions of the world to come together in the Medicine Wheel as the 4 colors of humanity, empowering them to help save the world together.  





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