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The Conscious Planet: 	A Vision of Sustainability, Peace and Prosperity

The Conscious Planet: A Vision of Sustainability, Peace and Prosperity

The Conscious Planet represents the prerequisite for the future of humanity! It’s a powerful polemic against all things wrong with our modern western culture!This salient and cutting-edge vision of reality projects way out beyond the horizon! All this critically important information (while formally being highly controversial and provocative subjects), are now all coming to fruition with more public concern and awareness than ever!

The truth about Pandemics & Vaccine horror! Meat recalls and Dangerous zoonotic diseases. Extreme weather and Climate change. Nuclear power dangers, GMOs and the nefarious Bee killing and cancer-causing herbicides from Monsanto, Rainforest destruction, Drought, Famine, and Endangered species including bees! It’s everything the government and the multinational corporations that control it, don’t want you to know!

Furthermore, The Conscious Planet exposes a legacy of demagoguery and Corporate plutocracy used by our politicians and big industry, to cover up the truth about environmental negligence by mitigating or eschewing the facts! (Refer to chapter 4 “Peace and Prosperity,” ) Over the years, the truth has become obscured by a maelstrom of this mass government and corporate subreption! I also published an article in the Spring of 2010 in Vision Magazine, warning people about the dangers of nuclear power! Contingent upon this article, just one month later, I gave a 20 min speech about non sustainable practices at the University of California, in Riverside and received an Eco Hero Award. And only 1 year later we experienced the worst nuclear disaster in history at Fukushima Japan! (Refer to chapter “The Insidious Nature of Nuclear Power”)

This goes way beyond any self-help book. Not only does this information improve your health and psychology, but it will also dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, thus ameliorating all external environment factors surrounding you, making the world a better place for everyone! No other

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