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The 9/11 Mystery Plane

The 9/11 Mystery Plane


Unlike other accounts of the historic attacks on 9/11, this discussion surveys the activity of the world’s most advanced military command-and-control plane among the day’s events and provides a stirring investigation of the WTC collapses.

Presenting hard evidence, some in the form of photos taken from raw footage filmed by CNN, this account places the world’s most advanced electronics platform circling over the White House at the time of the Pentagon attack. This analysis of new evidence within the context of the day’s horrific events shows major flaws in the official 9/11 narative.

History, Military

336 pages, Trade Paper, 6 x 9
12 B/W Photos, 4 B/W Illustrations, 3 Charts, 3 Graphs, 3 Diagrams, 2 Maps
Distribution Rights: WOR
$19.95 (CAN $21.95)
ISBN13: 9780979988608 (0979988608)

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