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The Hunt for Khun Sa Drug Lord of the Golden Triangle

The Hunt for Khun Sa Drug Lord of the Golden Triangle


For two decades, the Burmese warlord Khun Sa controlled nearly 70 percent of the world's heroin supply, yet there has been little written about the legend the U.S. State Department branded the "most evil man in the world"—until now. Through exhaustive investigative journalism, this examination of one of the world's major drug lords from the 1970s to the 1990s goes behind the scenes into the lives of the DEA specialists assigned the seemingly impossible task of capturing or killing him. Known as Group 41, these men would fight for years in order to stop a man who, in fact, had the CIA to thank for his rise to power. Featuring interviews with DEA, CIA, Mafia, and Asian gang members, this meticulously researched and well-documented investigation reaches far beyond the expected and delves into the thrilling and shocking world of the CIA-backed heroin trade.

True Crime, History

240 pages, Trade Paper, 5.5 x 8.5
Distribution Rights: WOR
$19.95 (CAN $21.95)
9781936296156 (1936296152)

Pub Date: May 2011

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